The Cat Cam

I spent my Thanksgiving with a wildlife camera placed on my back patio. My neighbors from a few blocks away lost their cat. I saw a yellow cat that matched the description on the flyer and called the neighbor. She said she was going to go buy a wildlife camera to see if it was her cat. She asked if we could set up the camera and put out cat food.  Sadly it was not, Chippy but the five other cats that wondered through my back yard. I was shocked that she would buy a wildlife camera to look for a cat. It’s a good option if money is no object. The footage is pretty boring, no cat fights or exotic animals.  Going viral is not likely. Anyway, we get so emotional about our pets that we will spend a fortune. No wonder it is a multi-billion dollar business. Emotional buying is not just limited to pets it hits us when we least expect it and is never a smart choice. In the past if things did not go well it was time to buy a new outfit. If a job opportunity or any other type of loss suffered any loss it was time to go out to eat. If someone’s grades were not what they wanted or even if the grades were great it was time for ice-cream. If we lost too much sleep due to some project or working all night it was time for Starbucks. And if studying had become unbearable it was time to go buy a video game. And if things piled up and life was unbearable it was time to trade cars. Times have changed and buying things due to emotional needs just to make us feel better will just deplete our much needed budgetary cash.


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