Student Loans are a Turkey!

Yesterday, I packed up a cooler full of food after Thanksgiving so my daughter will have something to eat this week. She has a good job and is even eligible for group health insurance next month. So why would having food be such a problem? The answer is student loans they just decimate a budget. For every 10K you borrow expect to pay back 20k and you will also pay $100.00 a month for every 10K. She pays $500.00 a month and I pay $300.00 for her student loans. She made it through to her bachelors degree at Samford University without taking out loans and then as she tried to adjust to paying for graduate school the student loans skyrocketed. This past week I was looking up a company on the Forbes Fortune 500 list and to my horror I saw AES, the student loan company one the list. It makes me ill to think that a company is keeping so many young people from getting a foothold in life. Student loans are a turkey because they will not allow you to fly!


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