Christmas in the Birmingham Burbs

Christmas over the years has sent my budget into the red, repeatedly. I would spend the rest of the year trying to pay off Christmas. This year I tried to keep the spending to a minimum. I decided ahead of time what to get and just purchased everything online. I was finished with my Christmas shopping by the day after Halloween. Resisting the impulse to buy more gifts is the challenge. For years now I have done most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. I always check to make sure I’m not overpaying at Amazon. There have been times that I was suckered into thinking I was getting a good deal on Amazon only to find out I overpaid. So, by checking with a few other web sites I will know if I’m getting ready to pay some ridiculous price. For coffee maker information I looked at the Keurig brand site and Bed Bath and Beyond and the Amazon price lined up with the other pricing. Both of my sons check the ratings for every game or electronic system they buy. I try to do the same with everything I purchase. Amazon usually has their products rated. Things usually go pretty well using Amazon except for the year I hit the purchase button twice and ended up with two of everything. This year the Keurig coffeemaker I purchased for my son and his wife ended up being delivered by UPS to a neighbor a block away. My neighbor delivered the huge box to me and I was very grateful to miss the horror of the missing gift. I like the Amazon super saver that gives free shipping but it usually takes two weeks to get here. I must admit that despite the shipping problem that sent the Keurig to someone else, I still like Amazon. I like the design, simplicity and the consistency of Amazon. I’m an optimist maybe shipping won’t be a problem next time.


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