Customer Loyalty

Last week I was temped by a new grocery store near my neighborhood. The new Winn Dixie on Valledale Road, south of Birmingham, is lovely and it is easy to park in their parking lot. One grocery store near me has such tight parking spaces and I don’t like to go there. I drive a Scion XB now and I can’t imagine parking there with my past giant Tahoe. It’s not that I can’t park its that I hate having my car beat up by another car door. Anyway, everyone was very friendly and the store was bright and cheerful and had just about everything I look for in a store. They have a great gluten free isle.  I even won a cake from the bakery. A lady that works in the bakery came up to me and said, “guess what number I am thinking, pick a number between 1 and 10 and the cake is yours.” From the smile on her face, I could tell that whatever number I picked the cake was mine. So, I won a large tort! The cake was beautiful and I did not have the heart to say I’m allergic to milk. I thought well I’ll take it home and let my husband eat it. Then I thought, does he really need to eat a cake like this? I contemplated taking it to the fire-station in my neighborhood.  Anyway, I decided to take the cake home since I’m not likely to ever win another cake. Richard, was thrilled with the cake.  Well, Winn Dixie certainly throws a great store opening. But, despite it all I plan to return to my Publix on Valledale because they are very nice people that have great customer service and I still get my the two for one specials.


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