Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Cat Cam

I spent my Thanksgiving with a wildlife camera placed on my back patio. My neighbors from a few blocks away lost their cat. I saw a yellow cat that matched the description on the flyer and called the neighbor. She said she was going to go buy a wildlife camera to see if it was […]

Student Loans are a Turkey!

Yesterday, I packed up a cooler full of food after Thanksgiving so my daughter will have something to eat this week. She has a good job and is even eligible for group health insurance next month. So why would having food be such a problem? The answer is student loans they just decimate a budget. […]

Eating like the young Ben

One of my favorite historic figures it Ben Franklin. I love the story about how he saved money to buy books by eating a vegetarian diet when he was young. Unfortunately, buy the time he was living in France he was eating so “high on the hog” that he was suffering from Gout. I must […]

Christmas in the Birmingham Burbs

Christmas over the years has sent my budget into the red, repeatedly. I would spend the rest of the year trying to pay off Christmas. This year I tried to keep the spending to a minimum. I decided ahead of time what to get and just purchased everything online. I was finished with my Christmas […]

Customer Loyalty

Last week I was temped by a new grocery store near my neighborhood. The new Winn Dixie on Valledale Road, south of Birmingham, is lovely and it is easy to park in their parking lot. One grocery store near me has such tight parking spaces and I don’t like to go there. I drive a […]

Clueless about Insurance!

After years of being a stay at home Mom, my youngest son is in college now, I decided to get a Masters Degree in English Lit in order to return to the work force . After about 3 weeks in class I realized I was in the wrong program, that I did not enjoy discussing […]