Food Disasters

Tuna and rice are two of my favorite gluten free staples. It is painful to hear about the mercury in tuna and the arsenic in rice. Food disasters are not new and I hope we make some major improvements in food safety soon.

During the Koren Conflict my father was stationed in Japan an ran a hydroponic farm for the for the US Air force for the airmen stationed in Japan. I wish for a hydroponic farm, but that is not feasible for my family.

What I would like is food that is certified as a non-carcinogenic. Both my parents had cancer and they survived. I hope for a day when cancer is not the norm. My father had lymphoma and my mother had colon cancer. My dad made it to 84 and my mother is 91. My mother read everything she could find about healing foods. One of her favorites was blueberries. Exercise also played a major role in their recovery.

I’m going to keep researching foods that help instead of hurt and make sure I get my bike riding in today.


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