This morning I visited my favorite Publix on

This morning I visited my favorite Publix on Valleydale south of Birmingham.  The store has the best customer service. They hire people with disabilities that sack and take groceries to the car and it is great to see that whether it is Tourette’s, brain injury or deafness they get to have a good productive lives. It speaks well of the management that they are patient and supportive.

One of the managers over heard me ask about Kind bars and to his horror the store does not sell them, he is new to the store, he took the info and said he would call me when they get them in. It was nice that they are focused on customer service.

I was in the store looking for gluten free food. My youngest son just arrived home from college and it takes a great deal of expensive gluten free food to keep him happy. He gets lots of exercise.  At times the gluten free, dairy free food has some additives that really make him feel ill. To keep this from happening, I rely on these products that never make him ill and they are what they advertize:  Kind bars without yogurt, Udi’s gluten free bread, Mama Mary’s gluten free pizza crust, Hormel lunch meat, Hunts spaghetti sauce, Daiya dairy free cheese, Bush’s Best beans, Joy pasta, Silk Soy and Almond milk, Kind bars, Minute Rice and Jennie-o turkey products. To cut the cost of gluten free,  I use the rice or the Joy pasta the stretch the meat.  I also find that turkey is much cheaper than chicken and it is difficult to tell the difference in most of the recipes. Toufayan gluten free wraps are a staple in our house. The cost is $3.79 for 6 but they take the place of 12 slices of bread that costs closer to $6.00. When ever possible, I buy mainstream foods because the cost of specialty food doubles my food bill.


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