This past month we downsized into a 1600 square foot garden home from a 3000 square foot, 5 bed room house. I must admit selling the house was expensive and exhausting, but it was worth the expense and hard work to reduce our monthly budget. The big house served its purpose. My older kids moved back in with us while they got their careers started after college, my parents moved in while they tried to come to grips with health problems. But now it is just my youngest son, that is home from college during the summer, myself and my husband. At first I mourned the loss of the big house but I have found the garden home has benefits I was not expecting. The new house is so much easier to clean and storage is well thought out. In some of our former houses we had big jetted tubs and I thought that was what I really wanted but this new house has a smaller garden tub and I like it much better than the big tubs. The smaller garden tubs are easier to heat and the water bill is easily managed. The garden home has a beautiful lake just down the street and it is a great place to walk the dog. Less can be so much more.


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